A Nationwide Epidemic of Belly Aches

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure. – Winston Churchill

As much as I resent and totally disagree with the fact that the government can now force me to buy something that I do not want, I have decided to accept the Healthcare mandate, for now.

Why? Because although I agree wholeheartedly with the vehement opposition to government health care, who the hell are we to complain? Yes, healthcare is a basic need, but for a large percentage of the rest of the world, it is a luxury. We live like spoiled children in a country where not having air conditioning is considered inhumane. As a country, we have been programmed to take for granted a myriad of luxuries that distance ourselves from the basic, important, things in life. Things that other people around the world are still struggling, and dying, for.

Some people have no choice, they are not even trying to fight, they are just fleeing for their lives, and getting caught in the crossfire. Women, children, and babies are the most affected. Some people in the world just want clean water and a clean, dry place to sleep. Some people just want to be able to bear a child and not watch them die of an easily curable condition.

But here, in the United States, undoubtedly the most blessed nation in the world, we are up in arms about being FORCED to buy healthcare.

Freedom is important, I agree. Freedom from oppression deserves to be fought for and preserved at all costs. I do believe that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional, and ought to be repealed, however I just can’t get myself worked up about it when I see so much suffering the world.

For most people in this country, their most powerful tool is their voice. Let’s be more vocal about things that really matter, things that need urgent change NOW, because people’s lives depend on it. Healthcare can be put on a shelf for now, at least until after the election – because unless we get a new administration come November, chances are the healthcare bill is here to stay. So, let’s look around and see what good we can do. Let’s use our voices to shine a light on the atrocities in Syria, the human trafficking happening everywhere, and the corporate decimation of our food supply, just to name a few pressing matters in the world today.

I am pretty sure that turning our focus on those who are more oppressed than we, will change our views on our own situation. Nothing like a fresh perspective to turn complaints into gratitude.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can overcome anything if you don’t bellyache. ~Bernard M. Baruch


Jersey girl by birth, sailor by marriage, wife & mother by grace.

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