Goodbye, Jersey

(inspired by Goodnight, Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.)

The sun is high
The air is still
And everything that will be,
Cars racing on the GSP
and the lady conductor asking, “tickets, please.”

Summer, trees, hydrangeas
Cool ocean breeze and jughandles
Every town in descending order,
and memories calling
from every corner

Goodbye, Jersey
Goodbye, Shore
Goodbye all the Wawa stores

Rt 35 & 66
Radio stations’ eclectic mix
Beginning in Red Bank, on the Navesink River
and traipsing around the state together,

Gingerbread houses in Ocean Grove
Twin Lights beaming from above,
Like an old, cherished love,
“You have not changed!”
(never will!)
Yet, the train moves forward, still.

Goodbye, Jersey
Goodbye, Al
Goodbye horses, farms, and cows
Goodbye ocean breeze, and salty air
and Jersey Girls everywhere.


Jersey girl by birth, sailor by marriage, wife & mother by grace.

One Response to “Goodbye, Jersey”

  1. Lupe,

    That was a great poem!! I loved it!
    It makes me very homesick.

    I still remember one night when you, Hrapko and I went to the “Upstairs Coffeehouse” had some cafe drinks, some treats, relaxed and talked. So much fun back then. <3

    I hope you and your family are well and that life is treating you good.


    Ian S.

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