40 People That Have Influenced My Life in a Positive Way (so far)

As I approach the eve of my 40th year, I have been thinking a lot about where I am, and how I got here. It’s been a long, winding road, with lots of interesting stops along the way, some detours, a few bumps, but thankfully my internal GPS has kept me from getting totally lost.

Obviously, I needed a lot of help!

There are also lots of people that God has put in my life that have helped me on the way. Friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, professors- a whole bunch of you who, at one point or another, believed in me, shared with me, and have encouraged me along the way. Many of you still encourage me to this day!

In most cases, I can remember specific moments where something you said, or did, really impacted me, and I never forgot it. In other cases, it’s been your consistent encouragement & friendship over the years. This is most likely a partial list, but as of THIS moment my Top 40 list of people who have influenced my life in a positive way.

Some of you may be surprised to be on this list at all … don’t be. I decided not to write an explanation of why each person is on this list, it should be obvious, but if you want me to explain why,  just give me a call – I’ll be happy to!

In chronological order:

Al Eyde
Lupe Eyde
Niel Eyde
Ann Bennett
Monique Owens
Mrs. Gerin
Gloria Stamato
Tracy Horner
Mr. Frost
Jody Calendar
Carl Calendar
Paola Ordoñez
Glenda Burgos
Mrs. Burgos
Maria Eugenia Guillén
Giancarlo Toti
Leonardo Mosto
Anthony Sehnaoui
Gonzalo Chavez
Miriam Torranzos
Patti Nielsen-Hadden
Teresa Caballero
Lisa Rose
Richard Rose
J.T. Wagenheim
Barbara Szostak
Mariuxi Bueno
Steve Holt
Andy Stark
Curtis Tucker
Shari Daniels
Sunny Tucker
Alegria Tucker
Faith Tucker
Magnolia Tucker
Noah Tucker
Tanya Hackney
Jon Pahl
Kelly Fournier
Sandy Williams
Nancy Warren
Ron Stephens

When I started this post, I didn’t realize how hard this going to be. Limiting myself to 40 was a particular challenge, and there are more people that belong on this list. To everyone I have included, I just want to say thank you, and I love you all!

(For those of you who took the time to actually count, I realized a day after I posted this that I forgot to include two INCREDIBLY important people, so I added them to my list, making it 42)

No line on the horizon.


Jersey girl by birth, sailor by marriage, wife & mother by grace.

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