First by Lupita Eyde

It was in a dream

in a low-light room

in a box of matches

from a pocket

It was a rapid friction

a flare of passion

reflected in dark eyes

It was in a dream

I sometimes tell myself

where nothing I touched

could touch me back

It was in my skin

in the evidence of

the scars, the burns,

the scratches.

In a crying moment

in a chosen fashion

that a game of arms

struck like matches

in the beating heart

of a dream

pleasure & pain

are the same muscle.

I wrote this poem in 1993. I remember that I was taking an Environmental Science class in college and it was so boring, and so long, that I would write poetry to help myself stay awake. This poem was inspired by a friend of mine, Joe Amorese, whom I met in 1992.
– Lupi


Jersey girl by birth, sailor by marriage, wife & mother by grace.

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