Abigail Adams would rock today’s world

One of the most enjoyable things about being a home educator is learning new things through my children’s studies. My two eldest daughters love history, and are insatiable readers like me. Most recently we have been reading a biography about Abigail Adams, and I have been very encouraged by what I learned about her life as John Adams’ wife.

I often find myself feeling overwhelmed with work-related issues, caring for the children, educating the children, planning & making the meals, keeping the house in order, and carving out a little time each day to decompress and exercise. Not to mention being a wife, best friend and right arm of my husband!

But then I think about Abigail’s life. Her husband John, a delegate in the Continental Congress, was gone from the farm for long stretches of time. She was left to tend the gardens, the livestock, the children, their education, and during the revolution provided shelter for friends who had to flee Boston because of the fighting. Each night, after everyone had gone to bed, she would stay up late at night and write letters to John by candlelight, to keep him abreast of the news back home and to encourage him as he worked towards the independence of our nation. To say she was tireless is a vast understatement!

Much like John and Abigail Adams, we home educate our children, run our business from home, and keep livestock. However, in this modern age of computers and running water, microwaves and refrigeration, life is pretty easy for me, compared to Abigail’s life. Frankly, I think about all that she did with a merry heart, and I come to the logical conclusion that I must be a complete wuss.

You know, it might be easy to brush it off, and say that Abigail’s times were different, that people were different then … and that is partially true. However, I think we lost something along the way from 1776 to now – a certain spirit perhaps. I am not naive enough to believe that everyone back then was like Abigail, I know she was a unique lady, but nevertheless, she epitomizes a spirit of self determination that is so lacking today, especially among women.

Abigail Adams was her husband’s confidant and chief advisor in all things, especially when it came to the politics and policies he embraced during his career. Although she was not a feminist in the modern sense of the word, she did see the need to provide the same freedom for men and women in the constitution. She encouraged her husband to not exclude women or slaves from having the same rights and freedoms as free men. She did it in a graceful, lovely, respectful way that only furthered her husband’s love for her, so much so that he called her a heroine! Wow, what wife wouldn’t just love to have her husband say that to her.

This post is a hats-off to Abigail Adams. I have been both encouraged & inspired by her story. I recommend to all ladies out there who need a role model to look up to, read a little about Abigail. She had a good head on her shoulders and used it, truly loved a good man, raised her children well, she held out her hand to the needy, and championed a better tomorrow for all of us.


Jersey girl by birth, sailor by marriage, wife & mother by grace.

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