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An Adventure in the Jungle of Amazonian Ecuador

In 1999, while six months pregnant, Curtis and I spent four days in the jungle near the Colombian border. It was an adventure that I will never forget! Bugs! Caymans! Piranhas! and when we returned to civilization (if you could call Lago Agrio civilization), we learned that while we were traipsing through the jungle, the Central Bank of Ecuador had closed all the banks in the country and we couldn’t leave Lago Agrio because we could not even exchange dollars. The banks were closed for 2 weeks, and thankfully we made it out of Lago Agrio and caught a bus to Quito after only a few days, but not without a bunch of stories, no siree …

First by Lupita Eyde

It was in a dream in a low-light room in a box of matches from a pocket It was a rapid friction a flare of passion reflected in dark eyes It was in a dream I sometimes tell myself where nothing I touched could touch me back It was in my skin in the evidence […]

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