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Inspired by a Conversation That Wasn’t Mine

Last night I came across a recent interview between Charlie Rose and J.C. Chandor, the director of the film “All is Lost,” starring Robert Redford. I am fascinated by this film, which is about a solo sailor who is hit by a floating shipping container in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One of the […]

Tis the Season

Yes, it’s the season I wait all year for … Chocolate Covered Pretzel season! I have a motto that goes along with this season, because frankly, Chocolate Covered Pretzels (CCPs) are yummy, but totally unhealthy, and notoriously fattening. That’s why I say, life is too short to eat inferior chocolate covered pretzels! I mean, if […]

Looking Back to See Forward

The history of the American School and the history of my family is so intricately entwined, that many times they seem one and the same.

Little Things that are actually Big Things

a poem of thanksgiving shoes to protect my tender feet, the campfire and its healing heat a boat, and sail to make it heel the compass, the sextant, and the wheel a pen, and paper to spread its inky bliss the big bear hug, a deep French kiss. spectacles for my weary eyes journalists, to […]

Goodbye, Jersey

(inspired by Goodnight, Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.) The sun is high The air is still And everything that will be, will. Cars racing on the GSP and the lady conductor asking, “tickets, please.” Summer, trees, hydrangeas Cool ocean breeze and jughandles Every town in descending order, and memories calling from every corner Goodbye, Jersey […]

Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away!

When I was 13 years old I begged my parents to buy me a 35 mm SLR camera. Back then, the desire to take photographs was as intense, maybe even more intense, than my desire to become a writer. I remember how excited I was when, at the end of seventh grade, I signed up […]

40 People That Have Influenced My Life in a Positive Way (so far)

Friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, professors- a whole bunch of you who, at one point or another, believed in me, shared with me, and have encouraged me along the way.

J’habite dans la Terre du Pommes D’amour

I thought I was the only one who thought that tomatoes had changed. Gone was the deep red color- and totally gone was the fragrant aroma and tangy sweetness that my memory associates with tomatoes. Tomatoland is a book that partly explores this travesty, and goes deeper to expose the common practices of companies in the Florida out-of-season tomato industry: the overuse of pesticides & fertilizers, the widespread use of illegal migrant workers and their mistreatment, the lobbying power of the Florida Tomato Board, and what is being done to offer the consumer better alternatives.

Female Number Torture

My rational mind (and some of my most loveliest, older than I, friends) tells me that I have nothing to worry about, this is just a phase. I can accept that. Yet, I continue to subject myself to Female Number Torture.

Bucket List

1. To behold your beauty once more. To hear the sound of gentle laughter in your voice, as I watch your lips slowly curve into a smile. To give these dying words a fitting farewell, Held prisoner all these years in my heart. To release them to the wind, in your presence And watch as […]

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